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Chevy Rc Truck, Getting Rich From US Fed Policy – I have so much in mind that I want to share and often see that if I share too much, I do not agree with it. This is a bad habit for me and for me to want to break today. My bad habit made me think about habits and especially bad investor habits. One of the most dangerous habits (or thoughts) for the investor is: “I do not know what to do and I will not do anything.” If you have the experience of today, I can help you.

I am mainly concerned with the American policy of printing, stimulating, printing, stimulating and printing. I know I can not change it and probably not. And here’s the good news, we can use what Bernanke and Co and Obama and Co work in the United States. Let me explain it. Ben Bernanke (one of the most dangerous people in the world) uses US and federal policies and is currently trying to improve the US equity market.

People are believed to feel richer when the US stock market increases. And if they feel richer, they will spend money on more things. And if you spend more money on things, the price of these things will increase and the Bernans will have their own inflation. And then I think, everything will be fine, right? Wrong. Is it really strange that the United States is precisely celebrating, monitoring and measuring consumption?

Do not you think it’s better to measure wealth and savings?

The US follows a careful consumer price index (CPI). And if you have a TV, radio or computer, you will probably encounter this problem several times a month. Should the United States keep the CWI (Consumer Wealth Index) on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? And that is the biggest problem. The United States came to the end of the row. The United States has to start building things again.

I’m not talking about things like Chevy Volt or advanced financial products, I mean things that the world really needs / wants. How to use what is happening today? There is a saying on Wall Street: “You never fight with the Fed”. This means that if the Fed wants to strengthen the stock market, it will probably be able to take a step forward, even if this will lead to important bubbles and accidents in a not too distant future.

Ben Bernanke has reduced interest rates to zero and has already written $ 3 trillion. The results were pretty catastrophic. People who have to save and save need to put their money into risky activities. proof: Savings accounts pay 0% interest, Muni links are reading, CDs pay a very low interest rate, In essence, “safe” investments do not pay anything or are broken. Yes, that should be the exact opposite, but in the world of “pretensions and expansions” the Fed will be able to cope with the short time. What can you do with your money today?

Chevy Rc Truck

1) You must own gold and silver. Inflation is nothing more than an increase in the currency circulation guaranteed by the state, such as the US dollar. All these dollars make the “donors of the dollar” weaker. So if you do not have gold or silver yet, you must have at least 5% of your portfolio in your family and in the future. The easiest way to own gold / silver is to buy a closed fund in Canada, the Central Fund of Canada.

This closed bottom contains both gold and silver and has an excellent track record (in his ark), he says. Something that GLD and SLV can not say. Imagine gold and silver as the central bank. Imagine gold and silver as the central bank of the people. In the banking sector, the Fed and Bernanke work for them and you need someone for you. The person (s) who can help you the most are Mr. Gold and Mrs. Silver. Lend it today.

2) You have been in the fair for a long time. Maybe you do not like it, maybe you do not think it should grow, but Bernanke and Obama want to get up – though it will end in six months. But here the market can move a lot more than what should or imagine. Yes, the stock market is too expensive and overestimated every day. However, markets can be overcome for years.

And since we do not have a crystal ball, it’s better to follow that trend. And the trend is growing clearly. The US stock market has grown since August 6, when the indicator “M-P” rose … and is still optimistic today. My proposal is to stay on the market for a long time with the loss of losses. We live billions of dollars in printed matter and stimuli. It creates inflation. This creates an incredible volatility.

This hampers depositors’ holders and rewards donors. And this creates opportunities once in life. If you are like me, and sometimes you adopt bad habits, maybe you can change enough work today at work that was simply “without action”. Together we create and protect property, RC Peck, CFP® Fearless Wealth | Investor independence Helps people achieve economic independence faster, faster and safer.

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