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POWER WHEELS CHEVY TRUCK – When I was a kid, a big four-cylinder truck was an incredible idea. Truck buyers looked at all V8 petrol engines. This has clearly changed in recent years.

Although this year I had the opportunity to renew Silverado Wyoming, this campaign focused on V8. So Chevy called the media to travel the suburbs of Phoenix for the four-stroke and biison Chevrolet Colorado and in court (to raise more next month when an export ban).


A Complete Find: Chevrolet brought me to Phoenix / Scottsdale and paid for the hotel and meal and left some delicious sandwiches in the room.

Before I could drive Chevrolet, the PR man took me to the Ford F-150 Ford Superstar with two wheels and a 3.3-liter V6. This truck was an electronic tapering cylinder and a four-cylinder Silverado. The message was clear: return them and show what’s “better”.

Ten minutes test drive, consisting of real and suburban roads, can only say a lot, but it is clear that Ford has crossed the other two. The experience of being destroyed is silent gas and materials sold on the market, Ford has the feeling that something is the low cost of glass on a leased plot. Although I am impressed with the best F-150 XLT is not a good value.

The 3.6-liter Ram Big Horn was much more enjoyable thanks to the quick gas and good exhaust pipe. The materials were also more beautiful, of course a cabin that did not have a perfect zipper, but rather beautiful.

Chevrolet’s experience was very similar. As I said, Ram is a cozy hut, but the materials are almost scratch-free. Like a ram, 2.7 reacts rapidly to acceleration and a four cylinder turbo (310 hp, 348 lb-ft torque) provides enough current for a city tour.

Technology experts find that Ford offers 290 pairs and 265 pounds of torque, while RAM shows 305/269.

I would like to know how Ford compares the 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 with 325 hp and 400 Nm of torque. It looks like Chevy has a little bridge, mainly because the XLT value can be valued at 2.7, in the same price category

Finally, we left shopping malls in Scottsdale in the desert, and Silverado fought to climb the slopes despite the turbos. Keep it close to the sea level, and the four cylinder has enough power to do your job in the city. The traction capacity is 7200 lb. Unlike in Wyoming, trailer demonstration was unavailable.

Drive on the motorway and driving 2.7 was very similar to V8 trucks. The trip is usually smooth, at least on a lorry with a blank screen, but the Arizona cars are usually flat. Soft turns are not challenging and the direction is great.

If the fuel consumption advantage is 2.7 to 20 miles per gallon city / 23 mpg highway / 21 mpg combined with actuator on two wheels and up to 19/22/20 with a drive four-wheel drive.

Everything is fine: four turbochargers compared to petrol-V8 trucks. Although Ford and Ram with two additional cylinders have better amounts of MPG motorways, 2.7 is at the same level in most configurations.

My meat on this truck is twice as big. The most important argument is, the Infotainment system and the style of decoration is still smaller than Ram (although my phone this time has no problems) even though both are interested. The other is that the availability of four cylinders is restricted to certain versions: LT and RTD. Although I understand that price restrictions can not make version 2.7 for other versions, it is still disappointing because you can not get this engine without losing version version.

This does not mean that these pillows are huge bones. LT, where I spent a half-day, had options to nearly $ 4000, which brought back to the basic price of $ 40 000. These options include air conditioning in two areas, seat heating with double buffer, USB port in the second row, remote start, trails, parking, lane, dead corner and cross traffic alert.

Standard features such as Keyless, CarPlay Apple, Android Car, Bluetooth and WLAN integrated, the four cylinder Malibu is camionsolido and sturdier than the V8. However, hold the head of the head, and even though it has a negative side equipped with Ford 3,3 may not be as good like EcoBoost.Voilà 2.7, which sums up the experience. Comfortable ride but less competitive: the style compared to Ram, performance (at least paper) compared to Ford. Buyers of trucks are loyal because they mean it, this can not be the case. If you are a Silverado Si player, you will get two or three for Chevrolet. They are good hands when four cylinders are your chosen engine. However, if you are a comparison, the choice is much more difficult.

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